The basic ring is so lean and elegant in itself. It invites to make an endless variety of other single or matching rings for your own personal collection.

PURA rings


This pair is a bold and a narrow ring in 18 kt white gold. One is matte, one is polished.

Get in touch with us and we will find the perfect combination for your style




In harmony with the craftsmanship, and the precious natural materials the PURA ring collection is among the

most elegant and versatile.

Very usable and casual designs. Very personal in the way you choose to combine them.


Wonderfuld combinations of colours, of constrasts of materials, of different transparency the collections are each a work of style.


Your can wear them alone without stones, or combine them with colourful, matching or sparkling stones.

All the rings are handmade to fit you perfectly.

A mix of green and tourqoise tourmalins.

The base is a silver ring, and the stones are sat in gold settings.

This combination is 2.455 €

Prices start at 775 €

for one ring.

One bold and two narrow, one with a big beautiful aquamarine, is another classical way to combine your own collection.

This combinations is 3.875 €

This version consist of three narrow matte PURA rings in 18 kt yellow gold.

The ring in the middle can be supplemented with ex a diamond.

This combination is 2.650 €. 

885 € for one ring in 18 kt gold.

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